I have not been around these parts much these days. I make my daily reflections (to keep my sanity) and I pop off. I was checking the site stats and I noticed some strange activity. I understand that some of the posts are read-only for members but it is not complicated to be one. I … Read moreCircles

influenced by

“Tell me about a time in your life that you felt safe.” Me: “…” (Fidgets in chair, looks around the rooms nervously, and then finally sighs) “Can you define the word for me please?” She frowned. “Secure? In a space where no one will harm you?” I smiled, “oh that is easy,” I said. “Never.” … Read moreinfluenced by

So, this is what is like to be in a cult

absolute devotion… not being able to question motives without being thrown to the wolves and then being threatened with visions of your death. If that does not work, your loved ones. Uuuu. And since I was not a blind follower, I needed to be manipulated. Constantly. If I questioned ANYTHING I was shown “proof” of … Read moreSo, this is what is like to be in a cult


It is that first moment when you see that person that was only a still picture and a string of text. That awe that you feel that your face clearly projects. It is the giggles and sighs and blushed cheeks. Or those quiet intermissions when you would rather be kissing them instead of talking. Or … Read more私はあなたなしでは何も思いません

tiresome paper dreams

note well ♡ you are not: -your clothing size. -whatever your ex said about you. -(in that case) the residue of your last relationship. -just a parent, spouse, sibling, worker-bee, care-giver, tax-payer, taker-uper of space. -what you purchase, how much you consume, what you own, et cetera. -your age, social status, gender, sexual orientation, relationship … Read moretiresome paper dreams

valentines day 12:12:12:12: park life

(vaguely spoken) cats are weird. they love on you for days and then suddenly you cannot find them. you shake their food bowl and they have disappeared. you know they are around, the food is being eaten. you can hear them walking around. but are they on your lap? nope. and you know they will … Read morevalentines day 12:12:12:12: park life