one fine day

Phew. I had not expected the response that I have received from my last post. And who knew you could gaslight yourself? I have been sitting here thinking about how to answer the questions posed to me and I am unsure how. In that link above, they say there is a difference between gaslighting yourself … Read moreone fine day

night divides the day

Mulder to Scully after Melissa died. fate: a power beyond human control that is believed to determine what happens: destiny destiny: a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency People generally belong to one of two camps: 1.) why bother to do anything, life is happening to me I … Read morenight divides the day

So, this is what is like to be in a cult

absolute devotion… not being able to question motives without being thrown to the wolves and then being threatened with visions of your death. If that does not work, your loved ones. Uuuu. And since I was not a blind follower, I needed to be manipulated. Constantly. If I questioned ANYTHING I was shown “proof” of … Read moreSo, this is what is like to be in a cult

belly is soft and the knife will strike true

…where the hell were you, then, when my skull’s blood was feeding the concrete? Where were you when they tired of me, when they struck my face, plucked my words from my mouth, struck my words from the record? Or when I sat bloodied and dazed and nerve-damaged, afraid that my mind would never return … Read morebelly is soft and the knife will strike true

a tale retold

You’re a person who attracts many friends and admirers and you are a family orientated people. Your confidence often hides insecurity you have within yourself and in your relationships in order to achieve of authenticity you have to bring your whole self into a relationship, even the bits you want to hide! Allow your vulnerability … Read morea tale retold