drama queen : a person given to often excessively emotional performances or reactions. 1923 has the first recorded usage of the term drama queen. Is this an insult? Generally, yes. Drama queens experience life as a rollercoaster. Relationships are wonderful, then dreadful. People storm out of jobs, get cheated on, and are part of intense, … Read morebwete

Earth signs (non mèsi)

Earth signs are no joke. Every time I have been involved with one there is an immediate issue. Ownership problems, self-righteousness or plain argumentativeness that is just over-the-top.   I was getting bitched at for mentioning that my Snapchat was getting annoying (I got like ten people messaging me at once) and when I had … Read moreEarth signs (non mèsi)

New like!

Ritalin was okay on the lowest dose but as soon as we cranked it up the anxiety was insane. I was pacing the floors and waiting for someone to knock on the door. All damn day. I kept the shades drawn down tightly in fear that someone was looking in at me. It was awful. … Read moreNew like!