“The less welcome I felt, the more I had to try.” disagreeable distasteful objectionable obnoxious unacceptable undesirable uninvited unpleasant unwanted blackballed displeasing exceptionable excess baggage excluded ill-favored inadmissible left out in cold lousy not in the picture rejected repellent shut out thankless unasked unpopular unsought unwished-for I am not sure that I have ever said … Read morealright

strings and attractors

“First be really honest with yourself: what have you allowed in your life that you never wanted in the first place.” I had this reoccurring knack. I would notice something that I did not like, I would either speak up and say, “no, this is not cool” and it would continue with no consequence or … Read morestrings and attractors

mirrored heart

Did you want me all?No, not for lifeDid you truly see me?No, not this timeWere you ever sure?No, no, no, not with me When you benevolently place your heart in someone else’s care you hope that they look after it in the utmost of delicateness. They respect the exchange because they know how fragile this … Read moremirrored heart

so, temp and I were talking about soulmates (pt. 1)

“It also shows that you may notice that he doesn’t exactly tick off all the boxes on your list of traits that your ideal partner should have but you won’t feel like it’s a big deal because these will be minor things!” What is in these boxes? ☐ loyalty ☐ honesty. Not the garden variety, … Read moreso, temp and I were talking about soulmates (pt. 1)


It is that first moment when you see that person that was only a still picture and a string of text. That awe that you feel that your face clearly projects. It is the giggles and sighs and blushed cheeks. Or those quiet intermissions when you would rather be kissing them instead of talking. Or … Read more私はあなたなしでは何も思いません

the one

I got roped into watching The One early tonight and the concept was very Black Mirror-y & it freaked me out. Why would you want to break up a relationship that works for a fairy-tale concept? I mean, sure, if you are single or not happy I get it but if you are in love … Read morethe one

valentines day 6666: sweets for my sweets

today I made things slightly simple for myself – no heartfelt playlists or donations to small furry beings… I gave out some candy to people & smiles were had. That was it. I never thought that I would say this but… I miss being around people. hugs and that sort of thing. I did not … Read morevalentines day 6666: sweets for my sweets