we are indeed creators

woman with oversized round glasses and red hair blowing out cheeks making a silly face

Be love. Be kind. Know your worth. Remain forever confident to be recognised. You have nothing to prove. Be yourself. Let them bloom, fail, wander, and learn. Ignore them. Detach and be unbothered. Do not react if it does not feel good to you. You do not owe anyone a damn thing. You are a … Read morewe are indeed creators

to all of the guest stars in my story

When you showed up and started speaking your lines, I guess we both thought you would be there forever. Except for one or two of you (we knew it was always meant to be a walkon). No matter how many good, indifferent, horrid, tea, coffee, wine, or sexy times we might have experienced together, not … Read moreto all of the guest stars in my story

influenced by

“Tell me about a time in your life that you felt safe.” Me: “…” (Fidgets in chair, looks around the rooms nervously, and then finally sighs) “Can you define the word for me please?” She frowned. “Secure? In a space where no one will harm you?” I smiled, “oh that is easy,” I said. “Never.” … Read moreinfluenced by

hatred is love that has been hurt badly

Have you ever had a moment in your life where everything freezes? Like, you are in the middle of doing something and everything just stops and you are watching it happen like normal and then it stops playing and nothing moves forward nor does it feel like you are breathing? If you were to think … Read morehatred is love that has been hurt badly

And a compass wouldn’t help at all

How do you navigate social cues? I do not understand how to “get” people in the slightest. I mean, Isabel I can nearly taste how she feels sometimes. She clearly expresses herself. She tries to hide but she projects her expressions very well. There are a few people that I know like this. Not as … Read moreAnd a compass wouldn’t help at all