valentines day 12:12:12:12: park life

(vaguely spoken) cats are weird. they love on you for days and then suddenly you cannot find them. you shake their food bowl and they have disappeared. you know they are around, the food is being eaten. you can hear them walking around. but are they on your lap? nope. and you know they will … Read morevalentines day 12:12:12:12: park life

valentines day 8888: love like blood

Quick, draw me a door! *shakes head* Boy, do I know how to get myself into situations! For a split second, though, I was not painfully bored so that was something. And one whole year of conversation and bae hearted me. It is the very first time. Huh. Not sure what the heck just happened … Read morevalentines day 8888: love like blood

valentines day 7777: I know what I want (wants me)

Love and all its components follow me everywhere. When I ask for a sign, I get nothing. When I throw my hands up in the air and say, FUCK IT, I get truckfuls of that shit dumped on my head. I knew what I was getting myself involved with. I ignored the words because they … Read morevalentines day 7777: I know what I want (wants me)

valentines day 6666: sweets for my sweets

today I made things slightly simple for myself – no heartfelt playlists or donations to small furry beings… I gave out some candy to people & smiles were had. That was it. I never thought that I would say this but… I miss being around people. hugs and that sort of thing. I did not … Read morevalentines day 6666: sweets for my sweets