Key Insight: If you want extreme flow and motivation, you need to identify and commit to a single “Keystone Goal.” One goal is how you change your life because one goal gives you a clear path to your future. If you have too many goals, you will have too many competing paths, which is another … Read moresix/30


Key Insight: Your future self is something you must design and become. That is your responsibility. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Will you take the time to imagine your future self, and use your imagined future self as the basis for your identity and behaviour? You can… Challenge: –Pull out your journal … Read morefive/30


Key Insight: Your identity comes from your view of your future. Everything we do as people is to create outcomes. You become a conscious human being by being highly specific about the outcomes you want. Challenge: –Pull out your journal and reflect: What is the future you’re currently pursuing? Surviving. -What future do you really … Read morefour/30


Key Insight: All of the mainstream personality tests are junk science. Specifically, tests that put people into “boxes” or “categories.” There is no such thing as a personality type. Don’t let a label define who you are.  Challenge: –What would happen if you stop defining yourself by limiting labels? I suppose without the “introvert” label, … Read morethree/30


Key Insight: You’re not the same person you were in the past. And your future self will not be the same person you are today. You get to choose how you see your past and you get to choose who you’ll be in the future. Asia linked me to a project that she thought will … Read moretwo/30