This morning was a/an _____________. Will decided to stay in bed. Lu asked where he was, I told him, “Ssh, do not

dust to dust

I stand on the last step of the staircase in the middle of the hall. I have the outside door in front

Stinging Nettle

When one’s personality is likened to heroin, one begins to doubt their goodness. Getting high makes you feel amazing. Your senses are

{with wings}

The crippled soul divides and the scars of years fly away like confetti on the desert wind. Phoenix rises – proud young

i, the mortician of

“Forgive my manicness, I’m on my fourth cup of tea and my hands are shaking,”  nodding in a haze     i

People, places and things

People: Machines of Loving Grace said it best when they said, “Don’t place faith in human beings, human beings are unreliable beings”.


In my quest to live in the present, I am trying to learn to listen to my thoughts passively, instead of letting

Beyond your eyes

I open my eyes not bothering to adjust to the daylight, I just squint. I know nothing in this room is familiar.

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