I walked by this on Friday afternoon and sent it to some people. It made me giggle when I saw it. Some of the reactions I got to it stirred up some weird commentary I had not expected. One person had asked me if I had felt appreciated. I stared at the message a moment … Read moreSprung

i like my men like my coffee

The U.S. is full of white terrorism and from the newest detritus stemmed a conversation that I am not sure I am comfortable having so here we are: A prominent family member of mine told me that my biggest flaw was my need to be loved by white people. She told me that they were … Read morei like my men like my coffee

kindness to strangers

Privileges, we must acknowledge—natural, social, and cultural—are a fact of life. Should we, then, just “get over it” and accept them? Yes, if we are content to exclude people who are “others” by disability, ethnicity, race, wealth, class, gender, appearance, or sexual orientation. The contradiction between slavery, the absolute embodiment of hereditary privilege, and its … Read morekindness to strangers