Lilith is in Gemini, though.

It may seem at times like I do things at such a chaotic speed or in such a dysfunctional way that there is nothing but erroneousness oozing out of my pores. I assure you, this is not the case. I am (mostly) cerebral in my thought process though by the time it is visible to … Read moreLilith is in Gemini, though.

New like!

Ritalin was okay on the lowest dose but as soon as we cranked it up the anxiety was insane. I was pacing the floors and waiting for someone to knock on the door. All damn day. I kept the shades drawn down tightly in fear that someone was looking in at me. It was awful. … Read moreNew like!

Autism & Love (is it something I can do?)

Can people with autism fall in love? To me, the answer to this question is fairly obvious: Yes. Autistic people fall in love all the time, and many have long-term relationships and/or decide to get married. However, it’s a question that is asked a lot and that can worry some people who are beginning to … Read moreAutism & Love (is it something I can do?)