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If your significant other has alexithymia, you will not get the emotional validation or authentic intimacy that make a relationship meaningful and genuine. Loneliness, uncertainty, misunderstanding – These are feelings that often come up for those in relationships with alexithymic people. It is also important to acknowledge what alexithymic people experience in the context of … Read morecootie catcher


“The less welcome I felt, the more I had to try.” disagreeable distasteful objectionable obnoxious unacceptable undesirable uninvited unpleasant unwanted blackballed displeasing exceptionable excess baggage excluded ill-favored inadmissible left out in cold lousy not in the picture rejected repellent shut out thankless unasked unpopular unsought unwished-for I am not sure that I have ever said … Read morealright

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Graysexual, also known as grey asexual, includes people who may: experience a low level of attraction, rarely experience attraction, experience attraction only in certain conditions, and/or are unsure whether or not they experience attraction. Some people regard greysexuality as a midpoint on the asexual spectrum and stems from the idea that sexuality is not binary … Read morehappy hop

nonlinear, manic & chaotic, hyper-adaptable

(1F701 + 1F702) compassion /kəmˈpaʃ(ə)n/   noun noun: compassion; plural noun: compassions sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. “The victims should be treated with compassion Let us say for a moment that I was wrong. Maybe the wires were crossed somewhere and sure, I was not told the truth about … Read morenonlinear, manic & chaotic, hyper-adaptable


I do not like even numbers. They can collapse on each other. I feel safe with odd numbers, prime numbers especially. They are exactly what they look like – steady and dependable. No one can reduce them, they stand alone. Today has been fucking helter skelter. One of my kids has been kicking up a … Read more22222

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Ritalin was okay on the lowest dose but as soon as we cranked it up the anxiety was insane. I was pacing the floors and waiting for someone to knock on the door. All damn day. I kept the shades drawn down tightly in fear that someone was looking in at me. It was awful. … Read moreNew like!

photographs that i’m erasing

The conversation continued in two separate paths: one commending me on my hard work in therapy & the other one attempting to explain why it is important to continue even though I want to quit. It hurts – this ugly look at my past behaviourisms knowing so much destruction has fallen at my feet because … Read morephotographs that i’m erasing