By denying racism, we are only bolstering the old patriarchal systems of the male white slave masters. It is important to acknowledge that race and gender were instrumental in creating and maintaining the support system of slavery that dehumanised Black bodies for centuries and glossed over their torture and pain. This mindset that slavery promoted … Read moreTwenty8

happy hop

Graysexual, also known as grey asexual, includes people who may: experience a low level of attraction, rarely experience attraction, experience attraction only in certain conditions, and/or are unsure whether or not they experience attraction. Some people regard greysexuality as a midpoint on the asexual spectrum and stems from the idea that sexuality is not binary … Read morehappy hop

i like my men like my coffee

The U.S. is full of white terrorism and from the newest detritus stemmed a conversation that I am not sure I am comfortable having so here we are: A prominent family member of mine told me that my biggest flaw was my need to be loved by white people. She told me that they were … Read morei like my men like my coffee

Weinstein’ll get off again

Long sorta-scientific version: Capitalism is how The Patriarchy sustains itself on a financial level. Exploiting women and allies further by turning equality into a hip design concept and selling them back their own ideas is just how The Patriarchy operates. Patriarchy gonna patriarch. Capitalism gonna capitalise. Short sorta-scientific version: Fuck this guy. He is evil.