Pomegranate bomb

Every memory that you store is based on your perception of what actually happened – rarely what really happened. What are you holding on to that is giving you grief, pain or trauma? Can you edit it out in a way that it could give you joy or at the best indifference? Maybe you just … Read morePomegranate bomb


I do not like even numbers. They can collapse on each other. I feel safe with odd numbers, prime numbers especially. They are exactly what they look like – steady and dependable. No one can reduce them, they stand alone. Today has been fucking helter skelter. One of my kids has been kicking up a … Read more22222


Last night, I was talking to Isobel and Paul. We were talking about what songs would adequately describe us (it stemmed from a conversation I was having with Isobel about a truth or dare game I had with Eirik. He said Bohemian Rhapsody would be his pick. We were having this conversation in text and … Read moreshrug

eye to eye we need no words at all

I was talking to Isobel tonight about how I got myself into this position and she found herself nodding a lot during my explanations. Having the mastery of your circumstances is all well & good but where to go with that information, well — that is something else. I am glad she is more like … Read moreeye to eye we need no words at all