And a compass wouldn’t help at all

How do you navigate social cues? I do not understand how to “get” people in the slightest. I mean, Isabel I can nearly taste how she feels sometimes. She clearly expresses herself. She tries to hide but she projects her expressions very well. There are a few people that I know like this. Not as … Read moreAnd a compass wouldn’t help at all

So, this is what is like to be in a cult

absolute devotion… not being able to question motives without being thrown to the wolves and then being threatened with visions of your death. If that does not work, your loved ones. Uuuu. And since I was not a blind follower, I needed to be manipulated. Constantly. If I questioned ANYTHING I was shown “proof” of … Read moreSo, this is what is like to be in a cult

New moon character spread sheet

-must adore star trek -has a child/children -knows Star Wars is garbage -neurodiversity is a plus -is silly -is articulated -is history-based to my philosophy foundation -will not think much of my quirks (perhaps even think they are endearing) -is open-minded & honest -plays D&D and or vampire -has patience -dark hair (but this is … Read moreNew moon character spread sheet