influenced by

“Tell me about a time in your life that you felt safe.” Me: “…” (Fidgets in chair, looks around the rooms nervously, and then finally sighs) “Can you define the word for me please?” She frowned. “Secure? In a space where no one will harm you?” I smiled, “oh that is easy,” I said. “Never.” … Read moreinfluenced by

belly is soft and the knife will strike true

…where the hell were you, then, when my skull’s blood was feeding the concrete? Where were you when they tired of me, when they struck my face, plucked my words from my mouth, struck my words from the record? Or when I sat bloodied and dazed and nerve-damaged, afraid that my mind would never return … Read morebelly is soft and the knife will strike true

subtle alterations

This might be an unpopular opinion (uh-oh) but I do not see the big deal with needing to be “different”. An EXTRAORDINARY person does things that surprise you. They take on roles that others do not. They are hypervigilant — this could be positive OR negative, of course. We always think of the extraordinary with … Read moresubtle alterations

Saviour vs Ally

I see you, Karens, posting your blackouts on Instagram but still driving your Teslas and shopping at Target. I see you posting your selfies with filters at protests but not blurring out the people around you. During the nonsense of your blackouts tagged #blacklivesmatter you drowned out all of the people of colour that actually … Read moreSaviour vs Ally