let’s talk about Dylan James.

This story is not new. You pay someone for a service and they do not follow through in some way. What makes this story unfortunate is the business person at the centre – mindset guru, Dylan James.

He makes his living peddling coaching at $350 an hour. He will listen to your issues and tell you, from his life experience, how to suss them out. He has hundreds of videos explaining to you how to do this (for free) and dozens of subliminal tracks. His online community is full of amazing humans (they are truly delightful people) that will fight for his honour even when he is not obligating his schedule. It has a weird, sycophantic atmosphere where a small subset of them will overlook that he is running a very lucrative business and he is on social media posting but not showing up for his paying clients. It is fraudulent but they will chime in to say that he has a life and needs to “take it easy” and “he does so much for us”.

I beg your pardon?

Do you say that when someone does not when you do not receive anything else in your life that you pay hundreds of dollars for? Or is it just for someone you idolise?

After ten messages via email, twitter and instagram (and several threads on YouTube and Reddit), I contacted the Better Business Bureau.

What a load of crap he fed them.

He said he did not show up for our appointment due to illness and he apologised. And even though I proved he was not ill, he would not back down from this. I showed that he took other clients and was on social media, but he would not admit his lie.

Even with his smiling photograph with his partner.

No one was buying this and it is filed with his name and his business.

Was this necessary? No. He could have contacted me and let me know what was up.

What was up? I was given an idea by a fellow Redditor.

In a live chat, it was noticed how uncomfortable another member and I made him by asking about how some aspects of mindset worked without having emotions due to having autism. His facial expression was that of someone that just stepped in dog shit. I noticed from that point on, he never answered any of my questions.

I do not think he knows how to help me. I looked back at my comment history and picked up the videos that matched. Sure enough, each time Dylan would have that same uncomfortable look. He would take another question even if he just answered a similar one previously.

Before it was announced that I was autistic, he answered my questions. Afterwards, nothing.

Is this the actual reason? I am not 100%. I know he has blown off others. I know people have not received everything they have paid for even when they had their sessions.

When I pointed out that he was still taking clients even though he was overwhelmed he said that he was calendar was open and people were free to do as they wished. It was not forcing anyone to do anything. That really concerned me. If you cannot keep up with what you have, why are you still taking people’s money? You know most of them trust you implicitly.

It sounds like it is becoming… a cult. And I hate saying that because Dylan has taught me so much. What has happened to him? Did the popularity give him the idea that he could treat people like rubbish and no one would challenge him?

I hope that is not the case. I am hoping that he has just hit a shitty place and the way he is acting is a rare occurrence and he will snap the hell out of it.

Oh wait, it is probably my mindset. *eye roll*

The amusing aspect of this is at one point I would have not had the self-esteem to stand up for myself.

I will need to find new subliminal tracks. Listening to his voice right now is making me a bit uneasy. I guess it is about time to record my own?