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we are indeed creators

Be love.
Be kind.
Know your worth.
Remain forever confident to be recognised.
You have nothing to prove.
Be yourself.
Let them bloom, fail, wander, and learn.
Ignore them. Detach and be unbothered. Do not react if it does not feel good to you.
You do not owe anyone a damn thing.
You are a gift, a blessing.

Remember though that they are, as well.

You do not know what they are experiencing in their realities.

Note: Be gentle with yourself. If you are not, who will be? Learn to accept yourself the way you are today. You can and will evolve in the days and weeks to come but today respect all of the ways you have grown and all you have overcome! You are amazing ♡ And most importantly: Love yourself fiercely.

love, a noun: an intense feeling of deep affection. If life is a mirror and you are not caring for yourself properly, what is that attracting to you?

Those that will not have your best interests at heart.

Do not be fooled by Hollywood’s love ideals. You can learn to love. There are several places to begin when it comes to self-love, but romantic love is not off the table either. The notion of “falling in love” is hormonal. It is more akin to lust. bell hooks condemned the notion of “falling” in love–a process in which we feel utterly out of control and yet crave all the same. In our culture, love is something of a deity. It is an omniscient force, inevitable as it descends over you, like an ocean wave.

People get confused about love. They think the initial feeling of infatuation and excitement is love and that it is supposed to last. It is fun to have that, but if you have a heart and find a lovely person, why could you not love that person? It does not have to be fireworks and whistles for it to be love. The more you are with the person and learn new things about the person, the more affection grows.

‘Classical’ ideas of love are divided between erotic/prurient, familial, friendly, and altruistic. The first is considered the most base and the last the most spiritual.

Loving yourself, understanding why you deserve it, sussing out what you want, what is your parents’ rubbish, noticing your toxic/warped beliefs about love, and addressing abandonment issues (therapy helps, guys), really getting honest about your role in how past relationships ended – how you allowed yourself to be treated is why you in the seat your sitting in right now.

This is why pausing for a moment and recognising that you are breathing, blinking and oh wow everything is really going to be fine. These patterns can end now. Right this very second and you might not be totally sure wth is going on but at least you have realised that you are a glorious swirling mass of stardust and hey, kittens are being born right this second. Have you ever thought about The Origin of Consciousness? Do you need a weird playlist to listen to? Too weird? How about this one? No? Okay, this is the best I can do (: Need some good news?

Everything else will follow.

Life is a mirror. What you believe about yourself is what others will show you.