Wed. May 18th, 2022

Life is so amazingly beautiful and complex but the depth of the wounds we carry can be a kaleidoscope into our souls or a doorway into the abyss that we cannot find the exit sign to.

I see people that have abused me as lovely because I see myself as such. That is my mirror image. I know I am a good and decent person. I know when I fail, I can apologise and learn from my mistakes. I do not try to find others to make my scapegoats. I want to find my flaws and try to change by them so I do not make them again.

I do my best to grow from painful experiences. I do not see tragedy as the end of the world. I know tomorrow is the beginning of a new adventure.

I choose happiness. I choose optimism. I choose taking responsibility for my actions.

Even if that means I have to admit that I was wrong 1000 times.