Tue. May 17th, 2022

When you showed up and started speaking your lines, I guess we both thought you would be there forever. Except for one or two of you (we knew it was always meant to be a walkon).

No matter how many good, indifferent, horrid, tea, coffee, wine, or sexy times we might have experienced together, not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.

These are not sad good-byes but they are good-byes all the same. I hope you will find fond new stories to be written into and hysterical laughter that hurts your cheeks and joy that maybe someday turns into proper happiness.

Walking away is never simple but often times it is necessary to let other people sit in the seat you are in because, if we are honest, your teacup has been empty a while and neither of us has been reaching to refill it.

Leaving while the getting is good is sensible. People grow apart.
Maybe we will catch up again another day?

I was reading a graphic novel that I got tangled up in earlier.

I have been dreaming of the first nights in Chicago. I am unsettled.

Marius is coming during his holiday. I am to suss out something for us to do.

The days will keep moving. They always do.