Tue. May 17th, 2022

Delusions are defined as fixed, false beliefs that conflict with reality. Despite contrary evidence, a person in a delusional state can’t let go of these convictions. 1. Delusion are often reinforced by the misinterpretation of events. Many delusions also involve some level of paranoia.

Friends of mine sent Eirik texts thinking it would get him to “do the right thing”. Instead, it got him to imagine that he was being harassed. He even went as far as to lie and say his family was being threatened, his mother was going to be murdered and some other far-out stuff. Something about needing to wear a bulletproof vest when he leaves the house. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED. The messages that were sent were non-threatening, but probably annoying when you wanted to pretend like you did nothing wrong. When I asked him why he did not report these texts to the police, he said he deleted them. He kept the other messages but he deleted the horrible ones? Yeah. It made no sense.

He flipped out when he found out that I brought his brother into this story. He told his brother that we were “just friends”. I ruined that narrative right quick. He said I was closing a net around him and now he could not talk to anyone.

Huh? He told me that I could not talk to him so when I needed to get a hold of him, his brother was the most logical choice.

Yeah, this was a bit batty.

Then he made it seem like there was some conspiracy. I was calling him from “blocked numbers” and sending “anonymous” texts. I did change my number but I never called him from my new number. Talking to him was beginning to seem like I was speaking to a, well, crazy person. Even when presented with facts, he was not listening.

Everything was how I was out to get him. But what did I want from him? He had no answer.

And all he could do was rant and rave about how awful I was because I put his name on the internet. “But,” I said, “all I did was copy and paste what was there already.”

He had nothing to say. When I asked why he lied to me in the first place, he had nothing to say about this either. It is a bunch of blank blank blank.

No matter what, it is all my fault. He also thinks there is an army of people after him.

If I were to guess why my best guess would be because he screwed me over and he thinks everyone hates him. But if that is his logic, why would he keep being awful? So, it must be something else.

He has this idea that he can just disappear and not have any consequences. Like pOof and it is done. I am not sure why he thinks that? He has done so much harm…

I told him I needed papers signed and still I have not heard back from him. The littlest thing is impossible with him. And what is he doing? Living his life as he sees fit.

This really does not need to be so difficult. I will need to get other people involved in this and I really do not want to.