Wed. May 18th, 2022

we stayed up too late last night. i am not sure that i was asleep before 4. i was still up at 645. it was elder ring, sourdough pizza, listening to isobel and elliott drunk hysterical argue over skype and chocolate cherry muffins. i hate that audun drives home so late. i know he is a night owl so it does not bother him but i worry.

now i am trying to get the sleeve done for sweater 7/12 of 2022’s knitting and wow i am knackered. trying to hold a conversation is more space cadet-y than usual. biofeedback was a major failure this morning. breath work was all i accomplished (plus two cups of very strong espresso and a shower while singing loudly to madonna).

what are your labels? how do you think of yourself or how do you introduce/express yourself? do you realise that these very self-imposed stereotypes keep you in the states that you are in?

“i am a democrat.”
“i am a doctor.”
“i am an introvert.”
“i am not good with numbers.”
“i am depressed.”
“i am a dog person.”
“i am a minority.”
“i am afraid of the water.”

you get the point.

you put yourself into a box and you become these attributes.

you are not any of these things. the more you impose those limiting traits on yourself, the more you strangle yourself.

you are more than just your body. you are more than just a person that works to pay taxes on repeat to die to return to the dirt.

you are free.
you are limitless.