Tue. May 17th, 2022

We have to be part of something greater than ourselves. We need to share our stories because so many others are on the same journeys. WE ARE NOT ALONE. Suffering in silence is no way to live.

The women I have met over the last couple of years have shown me how isolated I really have been. Without them, I would have stayed shut in a cult, I would have continued to doubt my worth and I would also probably still be chasing the shadow of an existence that was never mine to be with.

All because I did not understand that I had a right to be loved. I did not need to beg or compete for attention. I was always deserving.

It was my perception of myself that allowed me to be in situations that were less than ideal.

What is Recognition Primed Decision Making?

Recognition Primed Decision Making (RPD) is a model for the process of decision making when people need to make quick and effective decisions in complex situations.

The model shows that the person who has to make such a decision first generates a possible course of action. This is compared with the constraints imposed by the situation and then the course of action is chosen that will not be rejected.

Your Conscious Thoughts, Perceptions, Behaviors AND Decisions are all governed by unconscious beliefs, expectations, assumptions and experiences that have shaped your self-image and self-concept.

Mental simulations (your imagination) are creating your reality.

People, circumstances and situations all materialize as a byproduct of how you show up, respond to and react to the situations in your life.

Personalities are not fixed, they are a reflection of how you have been consistently showing up and responding; what you expect and assume.

Your perception is a manifestation of what you believe and feels about yourself and what you dominantly expect/assume (based on your beliefs, previous experiences and the stories you identify with) — likewise, your life outcomes ARE your responsibility.

A million people could be put in the same situation your in and get different outcomes. Why?

What they believe and feel their perception, how they respond and how they persist forward.

This is not woo-woo or something that can be dismissed/argued.

Take accountability for the life you have created, and continue to create.

If you want something then align your beliefs, feelings, thoughts, perceptions and mental images with your desired outcome.

You decide. Stop focusing on what’s out “there” and start to observe what’s occurring within.

It begins AND ends with you.

You are the deciding factor.

You are the one creating your life and showing people how to treat you.