Tue. May 17th, 2022

-Isabel invited me to do this with her.
-I have started vipassana to replace my other forms of meditation for a while. I shall update in a week or so.
-Everyone at work has been sick so even though I am not really supposed to be there, I have been. Bittersweet is not just for chocolate, friends.
-I have realised that I have been living on pause for so long, waiting for this or that to occur so I can do something else that being present is like watching fireworks.
-Have you ever loved someone so much that your face lights up when they walk into the room, your face automatically warms and beams a middle of summer smile and you just want to squeeze them? Now imagine feeling like that when you see yourself in the mirror – that is how I feel every single morning. I am gobsmacked at how astonishing that reflection is each time I see her. How have I known her my whole life and just saw her now? Love is so strange.
-Sometimes, I think, we need to come full circle to find the truth.

Mar 28, 2022 – A keen ability on your part to blend the worlds of intellect and intuition could well surface today, Sagittarius. The ability to focus both these methods of perception into material reality is apt to give a boost to your career and educational efforts. It also could enhance your romantic life. Anything begun or completed today has an advantage. Try to look closely at this new tendency and make it last. It’s definitely a plus!