Wed. May 18th, 2022

You matter. Your life matters. Your opinions, hopes, fears, and dreams matter.

We often forget about this. We get lost in the seven-point seven billion people on this planet. We know, logically, that our being born has no actual purpose – but now that we are here, we can do so much. You are not your past. Your wounds allow light to glimmer through, nothing more. You care enough to regret your mistakes. Your body is a channel for your soul, treat it with all of the respect you can. Your potential for growth is UNLIMITED – seriously.  You are missed by others without even knowing it. Your kindness has made someone’s day. Everything you see in the world has a lesson for you – every day there is something new to learn! You have the power to shape your future. Regardless of how lonely you feel, you are never truly alone. Your joy has a cosmic impact!

Recognise the extraordinary within the ordinary.

(I posted this in February 2020 originally. I thought it was wise to repost it)