Wed. May 18th, 2022

As we were leaving the theatre, we smacked right into one of my exes.

He did his best to make direct eye contact with me so I would speak to him but I was super classy and I bolted across the street to avoid talking to him.

Yeah, things with us ended strangely.

I met him before Will. Things were really okay with us. We were quite compatible. Same fandoms, similar music taste and we had some friends in common even.

The issue came with our level of intimacy.

I told him straightaway that I was not going to sleep with him. I was still reeling from what happened with Thomas and I needed to collect myself.

He said this was perfectly okay!

Yeah, in theory.

When we would be together, he would not get the hint that there would be a place that I would STOP and that would be a really real STOP. He would take my hands and guide them to places on his body that he thought was important for me to see how much he wanted me.


I would tolerate this once or twice and then I would get up and have a drink and hope he would get the hint to leave.

He would come and ask me to come back to bed but this time he would be “good”.

I would try to start a conversation or offer him a drink.

He was so pushy.

The last night this happened I was drunk enough to fall down the stairs and break a bone.

I felt bad asking him to leave. I thought so little of myself. Creating these boundaries was one thing.

Maintaining them was something terribly different.

We did not talk much after this. He knew I was hurt and he did not bother to see how I was.

I heard some time later that he called me a cock tease.

Not the first time I have heard that one.

Excuse me as I roll my eyes.

I was told that I should have tried a bit harder to make that work. We were “suited” for each other.

This makes me annoyed. The same group of people that threw someone I actually cared for under a bus saw someone that could not take no for an answer as someone that as a potentially good match for me.

Why? One person they knew personally and the other they only knew scraps of information about from shitty one-sided stories.

It is situations like this that allowed me to understand that sharing the details of your relationship is a guaranteed way to poison it.

Subject change!

The Batman was truly decent. The Riddler was bae 🖤

Catwoman was meh but she has one of the trickest characters – sexy and cute, smart, kickass, silly & vulnerable. I mean, she is a cat. Zöe is bitchy, sassy, kickass, sexy and diabolical.

More of a snake, less of a feline.

But where she was the weakest character, she certainly was not bad.

Robert was a lovely, broody bat/Bruce just like we thought he would be (I only once giggled and exclaimed, “SAY IT!” when he took his shirt off and started spray painting on the floor).

Penguin was good, Albert was alright. All the other supporting characters did alright.

But the Batmobile though.

I will say no more because I am not calling spoilers.