Wed. May 18th, 2022

I walked by this on Friday afternoon and sent it to some people. It made me giggle when I saw it.

Some of the reactions I got to it stirred up some weird commentary I had not expected.

One person had asked me if I had felt appreciated.

I stared at the message a moment and this was my reply:

“Nah. My femininity/attractiveness/desirability is hardly gauged on the fact that I am a mother.   

That term is derogatory. It claims in some way that once you have become a mother that you become less fuckable. Which is bizarre really because you had to (in most cases) have sex to become a mother.
The Madonna/whore complex runs deep in this society.”

Later, I got similar texts. Like this was supposed to be a COMPLIMENT.

Wait, what?

Women get pregnant and become mothers. Men have children and stay, well… men. They shrug off the responsibility with ease.

This conversation was had:

“Asinine when you think about it. Men can do as they see fit, fuck about to their heart’s content. It is okay. If women do it, they are sluts and their “value” goes down. And if they get pregnant, it is their responsibility. Men can leave. Yet it is just as much their doing. It boggles my mind how this makes sense. Yet society is stacked up this way. I say shotgun weddings should make a comeback. What is good for one should be good for another! Equal opportunity!

I do not understand why in this arena, men are allowed free range. Oh big deal you have to pay a small fee once a month for 18 years. What it does to the woman’s body alone will never pay itself back. And what about the psychological effects to the woman (let alone the abandoned child?)?
We get stretch marks, they get a brood of look-a-likes and somehow we are the sirens, the home-wreckers, the bitches that “make them” pay their child support or ask them to help out when their kid needs braces.
They are entitled to a carefree life, understand. It is in the manstitution. They still, however, have the right to complain about how terrible women are on Reddit because no matter how much we have to handle, it is not enough. There is a switch we need to know when it is on and when it is off: when it is okay to be sexualised and when we are just mums.
Never mix the two unless it is for pornhub.”
And for the men that take care of their children, this is not about you. Please do not take this to heart.
It is not easy to human much less be 100% responsible for another human. This is not a jab on those that have gotten cold feet and questioned their ability to be a parent. I think every single one of us have wondered what the fuck we are doing (at least a dozen times a day).
No, this post is for those people that adamantly refuse to stand up and do what is right. Those that leave people behind when they know life is already hard enough and they are just making it harder.
It is also for those people that think women are just commodities.
The humour I found in that graffiti (I do love bad graffiti) was over-shadowed by the shallowness of humanity.
At the same time, it showed me how far I have come in how I think about myself.

I would have been complimented by these comments at one point.

I am wearing the biggest grin right now yup

Going to see The Batman. I have been dyiiiing to wear this costume since I bought it more than a year ago.