Wed. May 18th, 2022

Sometime ago, it was discussed that Audun and I would have a spot of WW2 role play, me as a Russian solider and he as a German.

I am not getting into the silliness behind this, but I am having a proper uniform made for this because that is how I role.

The uniform is being made in a factory in Ukraine.

Fun and games may be put on hold awhile.

Anyway, I made this comment while chatting about it (with a reasonably new person, I might add):

War games do not require me to be “sexy” comrade.

I am not chasing someone around in the forest that I plan to have sexual relations with after the fact. These are friendly and really mental games of manhunt (and probably paintball?).

Yes it is important to point out how attractive I am always. This is my only redeeming quality.

Well thank goodness I will be pleasant to look at while pretending to be the enemy that everyone hates right now!

Good thing I will not be an ugly false Russian! Would not want to disrespect anyone!

My value I have is while retain a set of luscious lips, flirty dark eyes and thicc thighs to wrap around someone’s waist. As soon as I do not whisper that promise, I wonder if I have enough charm to hold anyone’s attention long enough for people to notice that I am glorious?

*rolls eyes*

Ugh, I could never roll enough charisma to make that work out!

Better cross my fingers on stealth! IDDQD? AVVLAUSZ? How about we toggle God mode? Up, Right, A, B, A, Down, A, L, L.

No? Maybe I need a Game Genie.