Tue. May 17th, 2022

I have been playing Gris to pass my Covid time (along with copious hours of Ancient Aliens, Animanics & The X-Files). It has been on my to-do list a while but when I want to play something I often end up playing Zelda or something familiar because I get bored so easily.

The concept of Gris has you dealing with the 5 stages of grief.

My last visit was with depression.

The gameplay is not my favourite but it is lovely to look at and the soundtrack is beautiful. Collecting stars and bouncing around in a 2D landscape when you are on your own personal journey out of the darkness makes me feel like she & I are in this together.

I had a few tears roll down my cheeks during bargaining.

Acceptance is next.

Side note. Daughter sent me these two reels and the combination of the two is me as an entire person. I am in tears