Wed. May 18th, 2022

As we remember Europe kicking away Syrian refugees, we get to see them warmly hugging their neighbours as they flee the Russians.

Ah, that warms the cockles of the heart, right?

When refugees = white people, the EU gives them the red carpet.
People of colour trying are trying to flee the war and are told they cannot leave – they are told to take up arms to fight a war for a country that is not even their own.

Uh, wtf?

A fire at a nuclear plant? (The Zaporizhzhia plant in south-eastern Ukraine – which houses six of the country’s 15 nuclear reactors – as well as the neighbouring town of Energodar, have been surrounded by Russian troops since the beginning of the week.)

People of colour in Lord of the Rings?

Okay, simmer down, everyone.
We need to have a chat.

Did you know that Tolkien never really said anything about race (well, except elf, dwarf, orc, hobbit, man) in his books? Light meaning good and dark meaning evil is an allegory of a spiritual quest you ninnies. Also, black people are not structurally any different than white people? Ukraine has disconnected power to its state nuclear grid? Why? Read here.

I need to go back to bed, the fever is coming back.
The news is always brutal these days.