Wed. May 18th, 2022

Every memory that you store is based on your perception of what actually happened – rarely what really happened. What are you holding on to that is giving you grief, pain or trauma? Can you edit it out in a way that it could give you joy or at the best indifference?

Maybe you just need a different filter?

Think of it like this:

If you did not like the way something occurred, sit in meditation and play this event in your head as well as you can recall. Try to remember how you felt, what you could hear or smell – anything that can bring you right back into the situation.

Then mentally erase the scene – like you would pencil on paper. Keep at it until it is a blank room.

This takes a few goes, but you will get the hang of it.

It usually takes me about two weeks to erase fully.

Then I have the choice – do I leave this space empty or do I create something in the void? Often I leave it empty but in some cases I get creative and put something new in.

In difficult to erase or situations that bleed through, I try to modify over them. Like if someone was being particularly cruel and their words are hard to remove from my thoughts & I am having trouble stabilising myself for whatever reason, every time I see them open their mouth to be sassy, I hear them say something mean about someone else for awhile.

After some more time, I see their face soften up and they stop being so unkind.

And then I can proceed with erasing the room.

Sometimes memories just need to be modified a little so you can remember that you are not always going to live a life full of suffering. Sometimes you have it easy and right now everything is a-okay. It does make the present truly special. You do not have to fake it, it just… happens.

A small amount of training of your thoughts does wonders ✨

And now memories, slightly edited: