Wed. May 18th, 2022

I do not know where to begin here so I am going to babble myself into a lather:
if we are friends irl, you know I called this Russian invasion years ago. You also know that Ukraine* is not the end goal, a world war is. Just tapping either of the border countries that are in NATO will force their hand.

“But Melinda, why would Putin want that?” you say.

Russia + China + India + The Middle East + (most) African Countries = ta to The West, y’all.

NATO does not stand a chance.

It was odd how Russia and China acted at the accords, right? It was almost like they knew it did not matter.

Like they were planning a Thanos.

It would be a sad state of affairs if Ukraine bows to Putin.
It will be chaos if they do not. And let us forget about the nuclear power plants scattered about the country.

Whatever happened to treating people the way you would want to be treated? Putin would not want someone to knock on his door and say, “Hey, 30 years ago we dated, remember? I think we should get back together. Otherwise, I am going to murder everyone you know systemically until you submit to me. Sound good? I mean, we totally have a history, right? Centuries! We go so well together, like bortsch and sour cream (or beef, whatevs).”

Yeah, no.

You cannot own people. It is fucking slavery.

Definition of slavery

1a: the practice of slaveholding
b: the state of a person who is held in forced servitude
c: a situation or practice in which people are entrapped (as by debt)

*if you have no idea what is actually going on, here is a brief explanation that will get you updated.

I fell into a politics chat today and wow my head hurts but this happened and it made me smile:

He made a post that was pro-Trump and though I disagreed with him he was civil. The other person in the thread was not so I tapped out because rudeness is not my jam.

My life is weird.