Wed. May 18th, 2022

It was said once in conversation that the reason why I had issues getting along with Eirik (by him, mind you) was that he was antisocial. It was the term he used. I never thought much about it until I just listened to this. I was not aware that this is on the DSM.


I was talking to the Nick’s and we started a conversation about the oldest indoor malls in the US. We are from RI so we knew it was The Arcade. A quick google search will show you that other malls say the same – but this one says they are the oldest yet they were built in the ’50s.

Naturally, I sent them an email asking why this was.

I will update this post if they reply. I mean, The Arcade is a National Landmark. What a weird claim to make… but maybe there are different rules? I have no idea how malls work so this is why I asked.