Wed. May 18th, 2022

The problem is only a problem for as long as you let it take up space in your mind. Stop fuelling it and let it roll out of your mind like a tumbleweed

That thought of someone that has never been violated. Someone that has problems that are focused around money or practical things. Problems that are not rooted in emotional pain.

Allow the thoughts no resistance do not argue with them do not give them any energy just let them be and they will disappear and eventually they will stop appearing altogether.

A toothache may stop hurting you with time because the root will die. I can see the sense in this. The pain you will suffer in the meantime will be intense. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can bypass the physical pain by shifting your way out of it completely.

Once you have alleviated those pesky thoughts you must remain diligent! Any reminder of those negative thoughts can send you back into the deep end and you could end up at square one again. Remind yourself a zillion times a day that you are god and you are beyond all of these mortal problems. You created them, you can uncreate them, yeah?

Except you do not dictate how others treat you. You might be able to regulate how you react (to some extent) but you did not ask to be abused, raped, stolen from or whatever is hurting you. You did not create that.

You did not think over and over again, “I am worthy of being abused, I am worth being abused”.

Did you perhaps think that you were not worthy of being loved? Yeah maybe.

But that does not equate to being destroyed.

I need to talk to whoever is in charge here. I do not understand how this works.