Wed. May 18th, 2022

It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose.

Telling one’s story over and over again is a way to hold on to grief about the past or a narrative that places blame on others.

I am not dramatic, uncooperative, abusive or dumb by nature, I am just reacting & trying my best to make sense of conditions that are impossible to endure without a visceral response.

And just because I am not buying what you are trying to sell me (or at times, haphazardly shoving down my gob) does not mean I am not hungry.

I am starving.

I would rather not have what you are offering, is all. I think I can manage to live off of the skin cells in the air and pure spite before I take anything else from you, je vous remercie.

Or wither into a husk and blow away with the other discarded, ignored & unloved refuse in the gutter.

Okay… perhaps I am slightly spectaculaire, dear hearts but if I am it is for effect. You know, like theatrical recess or analytical writing (or inkblots).