Activism is more than screaming in the streets for what you want with theatrics and posting it on social media. It is doing your homework and knowing what is possible with the science available. Bitching and moaning the same talking points about how you think something should be is not being woke, it is just plain arrogance.

I am sorry, but 1.5 is just not going to happen. I wish we had the ability to twist corporations into submission but capitalism rules the world. You should have cared more about slavery when you were buying your Coach bags and watching Seinfeld. But nah, it did not mean shit to you when it benefited your lifestyle. Now that the world is burning (and you were warned a whole long time ago but driving your luxury cars and taking those holidays were cherry) you want everyone to drop their hard-earned lives that you just had handed to you from your privilege because you said so.

Um, how does that make sense? You got fat on the hog and we all got burn marks from the fat grease but we need to drown in your leftovers so you can breed another generation of self-entitlement when we have never had anything until right this fucking second?

Now we are to take the bus, eat plants and have no kids or just one and oh yeah, never take a plane because that is selfish. Only vote green! even if that means you need to pay half of your taxes to them!

Girl, I hardly make enough to pay my rent.

This is while you have a Tesla (with cobalt mined by children of colour but why do you care about that?), have a personal chef make you wheat gluten faux meat lasagna with arugula salad (that you share with your Dutch lop, Helena), while scrolling on your iPhone 13 pro max searching for that perfect holiday villa to share with your girls for your birthday! You have a private electric yacht (also, Tesla) that your parents let you borrow for the event. It is all okay right, because it is electric!

People are starving because of your waste and you have the audacity to point fingers at political leaders.

They are just public officials voted in by people that think like them.

They are not the problem.

We are. Rather, the voice boxes of these movements often are. You cannot change something that you do not understand. Shaming people for their desire to live a comfortable life when they work hard for it is wrong. Not recognising the harm that is coming to people due to our first world lives is negligence to the highest degree.

But assuming the only thing to do is mock our political leaders is laughable. It is like you have no actual clue how to get anything done.

Be the change. Stop being a pawn. Take your face paint off. Quit being so angry. Learn what the real threat is. Get the education. Run for office. Vote. Talk to people like adults. Stop yelling. You are not entitled to anything. We are all on this swirling rock together. If we are to survive and have a future, we need to pull together.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but we will fail if we keep capitalism but that is a broken drum I am beating, I know.

Billionaires need to go.

Voting in people with corporations as their main interests work to end the plant.

/steps off soap box