Wed. May 18th, 2022

You’re a person who attracts many friends and admirers and you are a family orientated people. Your confidence often hides insecurity you have within yourself and in your relationships in order to achieve of authenticity you have to bring your whole self into a relationship, even the bits you want to hide! Allow your vulnerability to be your strength, as it’s when you can be completly vulnerable with someone that they can really get to know you leading to a much deeper bond, and long-lasting relationship. You tend to not show your real self in relationships for protection reasons, and will actually discover that being yourself is really good for your soul and will bring a long lasting healthy relationship into your life. Show your more sensitive qualities to a lover and you will find yourself becoming less defensive in your relationships and your feel you will have less to prove and you will feel that you don’t have to impress any more as you can just be yourself and this will lead to a greater sense of solid inner core which will bring lasting love into your life. In love you’re stable, loyal and constant with your partners but you have difficulty staying put and making real emotional commitments. You always have a back door open to go any time! Part of you desires stability and security and a part of you doesn’t. Remember that relationships can be very up and down, but you can learn and grow you don’t need to leave the relationship because it’s not absolute perfect as you can mature and learn together through the problems.

For your partner he likes relationships to be perfect very neat, orderly and predictable so he does need to learn to know that relationships are difficult and aren’t always reasonable. He needs to learn to let his hair down more and allow his passionate side to the relationship to come out, and allow himself to get a bit wild and crazy a bit more in your relationship! To do this he’ll need to overcome his self doubts and fears of yours and others opinions and this will take time. Until he is willing to express his feelings directly, even the really hard emotions like feeling hurt and upset, as what he tends to do in your relationship is to hold his emotions in which doesn’t allow him to get close as close to you as he can. When emotions are held back so are relationships. He can very easily wear a mask to hide his feelings . The more genuine and vulnerable he is more he can feel for you, work on this and the relationship between you will thrive.

Together you have nice compatibility. You are both responsible and love family, and you both want the same thing which is a stable and reliable relationship. So together you can feel very safe and comfortable. Because of this even though you are opposites I see this being a long lasting loving relationship. It won’t be perfect and your have to work though issues but your stay together. So yes your relationship is going to work out and your have to work though issues of trust in the future, I see other people causing issues and arguments because of this but you have a great connection here that will work out 🙂

Much love xx