Wed. May 18th, 2022

When you take an inventory of yourself first you realise that you do not have the fucking right to unravel someone else’s basket when your’s was handmade in the abyss by stolen ideas, laughable expectations & your own insecurities. After you ask for forgiveness, can you let it go or will you pick at the scabs of the wounds you self-inflicted on yourself because you just cannot trust anyone for a damn second? Will you take this baptism by blood literally and come out of it bitter & broken or will you learn from your mistakes & grow?

Q1: do you feel like he cares for you underneath whatever fortress he has built up to protect himself y/n
Q2: do you love him with words or feelings? words/feelings
Q3: if he loved you, really & truly, could you love him back DO NOT ANSWER LIKE HE WOULD AND SAY YOU DO NOT KNOW answer the question i/do/not/know
Q4: are you prepared to forgive yourself for what you have done y/n
Q5: are you prepared to have this come to an end when this trip does y/n
Q6: are you able to forgive him y/n
Q7: let it go like that snowy disney bitch y/queen
Q8: did you apologise y
Q9: are you a good girl y/y/y