Wed. May 18th, 2022

I accept you, broken humans & your lies. We are imperfect, we are beautiful. We get lost looking for ourselves or hoping someone will find us & love us without scorching our fragile, bleeding hearts too badly but if they do, at least let them kiss our mouths & paw at our bodies & laugh with us awhile before they leave us to weep alone shut in with our pitiful echoing loneliness again? Move on, but let me hear you sigh with your lips upon my earlobe one last time? Your face will blend in with the others like mine will with your menagerie of broken promises. We are never special, it is just another layer of sweat, eyes closing, backs arching, fingernails tracing tender pale flesh & hope fading into the space you thought forever was. Hope is always the worst lie but without it what would we be living for?