Wed. May 18th, 2022

What are you aware of?
The physical pain you are in? The unanswered calls or texts that you have sent? The lack of work in your local area? The years creeping up on you?

What if you were aware of the delight of the colour of your eyes or the friend that does answer your texts (or the shop that sends you 20% of messages)? What if you knew that the job you really wanted was in the neighbourhood you desired? If you looked in the mirror and thought, “damn, you look like you are a teenager! You look so good!”

What if you denied yourself the ability to see or feel what reality was screaming at you, just for a minute, so you could see/feel what you wanted?

We did this when we were kids to great success. We played doctors and astronauts and never gave it much thought. We had broken limbs, war wounds that were certainly fatal and sometimes aliens grafted new, possibly, improved attributes to our skin layer (right, everyone played this and alien autopsy?). No questions about whether we had the education to be doctors or aeronautical experience.

Some kids played so deeply that they grew up to be doctors and astronaut pilots and well, this guy.

Your imagination creates your reality. Fully and completely.
So if you think that you are better than you are right at this very moment, you will be. How do you this? Banish from your thoughts any idea that you are this old version of yourself.

If you think: “I am boring and nobody likes me”, think instead, “I am amazing and people adore me”. Every time that first thought pops into your head think, “Um, no, that is not true now is it? I am a damn gift to this universe. People like to be around me. I like being around me. Silly thought, be gone!”

You can reword your thoughts so it is not the same robotic thought over and over again, of course. Just take that stubborn bitch of a negative nancy and toss her in the rubbish bin each and every time she pops up.

Now, if you get someone that tells you that you are indeed a boring human, you just listen to them and in your head think, “They think I am amazing, too!”

That person will shortly agree with your new statements. It is an odd thing but remember, people in your life are in your story. You have invited them there. They cannot do anything to you that you have not asked them to do. If they are acting a fool, they are just playing out the script you have previously written out for them. If you do not like it, rewrite it.

You like a guy and he is not responding the way you want him to? How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel worthy to accept love? The people in our stories are our mirrors. We are not changing them, we are changing ourselves. In a very simple sentence: if you want them to change, change the way you treat yourself.

If they are not loving you properly, girl, it is on you NOT THEM.

“Fine, fine,” you say. “So how do I make this work?”
I recommend starting here? This path I have been on has been long, and full of exodus and so-called gurus and books & .pdfs. Trust me, that is a gentle place to start. There are dozens, if not hundreds of others but that is where I wish I had started.