Wed. May 18th, 2022

I pulled the King of Wands first. This card is very similar to the Knight and Page of Wands, however, this person possesses a more mature, powerful nature. They have a lot of confidence and like to obtain people’s attention. They won’t waste their time on something that won’t satisfy them. This person tends to be known as very attractive, which is common for the court cards in the suit of wands. They hold a lot of power and have the respect of many people. They are intelligent, funny, adventurous. This person may be called the life of the party. The queen of wands was on the bottom of the deck when this called was pulled so this is the counterpart of the king. This tells me that this person can equally balance their masculine and feminine sides very well. They can be nurturing and sensitive, but also strong and powerful. They may be seductive and flirty and know how to get anyone they want. It may take a while for this person to decide to be exclusive and settle down in a relationship. I am sensing that this person has intense eyes and possibly lighter brown hair maybe with an auburn tint. I’m also seeing the possibility of some facial hair too, as well as a softer face shape. They are quite tall also, slightly taller than you anyway. They may have a physique that is described as the “beauty standard”, very good-looking and fit. They could be an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius as the wands represent fire signs.

So next up I pulled the Ten of Pentacles. This is actually a great card to pull in any reading. It represents success, security, fulfillment, and accomplishments. So in a love reading like this, I would take it that this connection will be all of those things. However it could take some time to get there as the suit of pentacles represents events happening over a long period of time, so you will need to steadily build up this relationship for it to reach this point. This card can also represent work-life so maybe you work together or else one or both of you are very hardworking and enjoy earning a lot of money. There will also be a lot of financial stability here if the connection turns out to be long-term. The Pentacles also represent the earth signs in the zodiac (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) so this could be their sun, moon, or rising sign.

Next with the Devil and the Emperor coming out together, I am certainly feeling as though there is a very strong sexual attraction between you two and a lot of compatibilities. I sense that this person can offer you stability and commitment while equally balancing excitement and sexual pleasure. Make sure you stand your ground with this person however as they have a strong personality that can sometimes be controlling. Overall though I feel as though they want to offer you something stable.

With the Eight of Wands, I’m sensing great chemistry between you two again with lots of energy and excitement. One possibility with this card is that you could start off doing long-distance or perhaps you have met each other online. I am sensing that the connection will take off very quickly and it will happen quite unexpectedly. I do feel as though they will be the one to come towards you first. The Knight of Swords also tells me that this person doesn’t really hold back. Once they decide you’re their person they will make it known to you. I really do feel this will all happen very fast and it will almost feel like you were in the right place at the right time when you meet this person. They can also be quite impulsive and abrupt, so they may test your patience but it’s nothing you can’t handle.