Wed. May 18th, 2022
eirik julian berg
“Overall, I feel that you have nothing to worry about. I feel that he is interested in you and that he does care deeply about you. I also feel that there is love on both sides. There is definitely a lot of deep emotions that are coming to the surface now. It’s only a matter of allowing those emotions to take over, on both sides. I feel that there is some holding back going on here, especially on his side. He may not be expressing his emotions very clearly at times simply because he is not acknowledging them as he should.”

I have been finishing up this semester, watching The Twilight Zone & cleaning up pretty much everything – my Instagram feed (out with hashtags & accounts that feed me politics, social causes & grief. All I want is astrology, cute animals & my loved ones), the basement, my closet, the garden… you know, springtime shit.

I just cannot cope with the dreadful occupations around the world right now. I know too much, I feel even more & I know there is nothing I can do. No one cares about the truth or about history. They just want to rage. I said I would stop feeding the trolls so… I opt out of reading one-sided bi-ops.

It is nice to scroll for a minute again. I do not feel like my head is going to explode when I put my phone down (and I am putting it down, not throwing it across the room).

I am dancing in the shower again, dear hearts.

I can focus on what is going on right here and now. Breathing properly, listening to Digital Underground, catching up with my brood & walking outside longer because it is not getting dark out so early.