Wed. May 18th, 2022

Please stop with your fucking hashtags for peace on either side unless you know the history, okay? It is funny that in any other situation, most people could care less about jews or Muslims (dare I say loathe either of them) but now it is chic to say that you like jews in a public forum! First, let me voice that when I worked for a very pro-Palestine non-profit some years ago, I did not question the whys either. I just heard about the current going-on’s and nodded my head and agreed. When I asked my group leader what was going on now, she explained to me this round of missiles and political shadiness and when I asked her why this was happening again, she got irate with me like, “duh, because Israel!”

When I dug my heels in and wanted to know more, she treated me like her answer should be enough. We have a side, we are pro-black, always, any further questioning would make her query my loyalty.


I did not know the history of Palestine and Israel (and if you do not, here is a brief, non-bias dig) so I did not understand why they keep going at each other. I did not know that the British had their hand at dumping the Israelis there (but am I surprised?) and giving them dominance over the people that lived there already. Sounds totally British to me! They continued this even when the UN told them to knock it off. Many settlements on the Palestinian side are illegal but who is going to enforce it? Right right, and Trump came in and messed with things even more. The U.S. cannot leave shit alone. And people are surprised when terrorism is bred in this sort of environment? Is it the right thing to do? No, but is it a huge damn surprise? Get pushed out of your homes, have everything taken from you and see what force you use to keep what you have left.

I disagree with using violence in any form. I am not taking any side because both sides have monsters. Both sides have millions of innocent people. Let us be honest – this is another decades-long battle about religion and that is rubbish at its core. No intelligent human needs religion outside of their homes. Love your gods, but leave your dogma in your living room. Evolve. Your inability to see humans attending a different house of worship than you are holding you in the dark ages. Seas of blood have been let for this cause.

It is time for metamorphosis.