Troll feeding

I feed trolls. I did not know this was a thing until I found myself completely defeated day in and day out. I truly thought I was helping just to understand that people are there to start arguments for fun.

White saviours are my Achilles heel. How can a white person tell me how bad it is for a POC? 🤦🏽‍♀️ They know it all except how to listen, learn, and to step back and understand that this is not about them.

I know, everything up until now has been. But please, take a seat. This civil rights issue is not about you. We can talk about black people without talking about natives, trans people, or other minority groups. It is perfectly OKAY for you to see that there is no connection except that we are minority groups. We can deal with one issue at a time. Really, issues are dealt with better that way. I mean, if you are cooking dinner you could wash the dishes, garden & do your taxes but maybe your dinner would have the best chance of not getting burnt if you just cooked?

As I try to explain this to dozens of people a day, my faith dwindles. No one seems to care. They will say the same shit over and over. They are sure that black people can have what ever it is that they need but ONLY IF the other groups have their shit FIRST/TOO. Black people cannot be entitled to anything unless it is tacked onto something white people have as well.

Understand this 100%: if black people are given anything that white people do not have, they stole it, it is welfare and know that white people will take it back with interest in black people’s blood.

The system is not broken; it was just never designed to let black people off their knees.

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