Wed. May 18th, 2022

I had a conversation in group today about your theory on how younger people are better at communicating within relationships. I got laughed at by the people in the group and the health professionals. It is well known, they stated, that younger millennials and older gen z have a more transient experience when I comes to relationships. They fall in love less, they have more one-night stands and when in relationships, they solve their problems less often because they know when things get tough they can cut their losses and start swiping again. They have decision fatigue which makes hanging on to their relationships tricky once they have decided to commit. They seek quick rewards for minimal effort, rapid intense gratification over something long-term. They are not less concerned about love and connecting themselves or their self worth to their relationships (as you so quaintly started that people before them did). They just want their partners to see them as them as the individual as they are first. The younger generation craves being radically unique more than being in a gilded cage. And their partner needs to be as much of an individual as they are. It is more consumerism than romance.

I wonder if we have the opinions that we do because we reflect a certain bias in ourselves. I believe that we are all equal across the board. No one is better or worse due to economic factors, age, race or sex. I have been in the Peace Corps, I have done so much charity work in the US as well and I have worked first hand with people of all ages. Love is truly love. I have watched people in terrible conditions keep their relationships together because they loved each other. Their age did not matter. To take a generational blanket and spread it across people’s behaviourism I think might be a bias you are holding.

But then again, what do I know. I watch videos on kitten behaviour and Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. I do not watch anything that is made to provoke me or to get me to take a side. I stopped watching the news because it was bad for my mental health. I try not to comment on things I truly have no idea about. But I do interact with people in this age group. A lot of them. I have been all over & never have I thought the things you have said.

Lastly, people get credit when they do things.