Tue. May 17th, 2022

I would not have thought that I knew anyone that harboured any ageist tendencies.

What separates Generation Y from X? And hey Gen Z, welcome to the party! What’s the cutoff? How old is each generation? Are they really that different?

I never thought much about the age groups/generation thing until now. It appears that younger people do not need to be loved the same as older people do. They do not want to be in relationships nor do they put any value in them. They think older people are pathetic for wanting to be in them. They feel like younger people are left out and do not get enough credit.

Or… maybe it was just this one person’s point of view 😊

The younger people that I know have a deep desire to connect to others. They are service oriented and they have many acts of kindness they ripple across this planet. They are hard-working and powerfully determinant to be happy.

Or maybe this is just my point of view 😊

In any case, I chalked it up to a we shall agree to disagree. Age is not something that makes people that different – experience does, but not our biological age. The second you start with the -isms, you begin tumbling down a slippery slope.