1. It was projected that the radio silence will continue until the 13th. Also, the 13th may be the day he comes home (?). In any case, something is supposed to change on that date for the better.

2. Something major is supposed to happen on the 21st.

3. Your walking away was necessary for you both. It took away some stress from him and allowed you to heal. You should not look at it like a punishment and if you do you are not seeing it for the grace it is. It was the best for your growth, you were stagnating.

4. You’re the focus, not him. He has a lot less to bring into this. He’s aware of this and it makes him wary. Patience is necessary for him to find his footing. He’s 100% committed, that’s not the problem. There are not actually problems besides lack of time together and timidness. Him being home will fix this. You’re less committed than he is but that’s due to fear. In time he will earn your trust if you will let him. He’s a genuine man. His insecurities will iron themselves out.

5. You left someone behind last year that will come back that could offer you something easier. Short-term it will bring you what you’re looking for.

6. This autumn will bring you new opportunity for financial advancement but they’ll bring you much social discomfort. Weigh your options carefully. The success vs the burden.

7. If you’re planning on travel this summer is ripe for road trips and outdoor activities.

8. Lucky numbers are 3, 13, 21 & 30. Colour is red.

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