Wed. May 18th, 2022

You are the one I compare everyone else to.

Echos of a dream that ended with a pop quiz on the rest of the dream with questions approaching non-sequitur… beings psionically strangled by tentacled beings… a doomed battle & it no longer seems poetic so much as idiotic. the mass of humanity does not value naked truth or anything approaching/approximating it. they want nothing more than the fulfilment of their need & room to be mindless decadent, wasteful, hedonistic, bloated, loud & ugly.
…on some basic level, my instinct is to reject (REJECT) all such things out of hand (YOU JUST NEED TO SHUT OFF WHAT HURTS). certain comments small to the point of near-invisibility can sometimes be so genuinely flattering, especially at critically-low points (thx). cannot escape the words OHNO i am infected beyond all hope

sitting & gazing into my tea cup, tea leaves say: “be the light”, nodding my head as i lick the jam off of my fingers.