Wed. May 18th, 2022

Love and all its components follow me everywhere. When I ask for a sign, I get nothing. When I throw my hands up in the air and say, FUCK IT, I get truckfuls of that shit dumped on my head.

I knew what I was getting myself involved with. I ignored the words because they were not the words I wanted to hear when I wanted to hear them but nevethedamnless I stayed so I was agreeing to the terms.

aaaannnnd that is the way I handle everything in a nutshell.

I asked Eirik last night when he was born because I had a bet that he was Taurus rising.

Most Thoughtful of Geminis

If you are a Gemini with Taurus rising, you are one of the Geminis who enjoys life the most. Your conquering spirit manifests itself with more restraint and less talkativeness than the Gemini prototype.

You are not one to make empty or meaningless judgments. Well, you are the most thoughtful of the Geminis.

Your friends trust your word. They will debunk the idea that a Geminis are frivolous. Because you talk less than what the horoscopes say about Gemini, therefore, “you mess up less.”

Taurus is a fixed sign, while Gemini is mutable. This allows the Gemini twins to dose their energy, using the accelerator and brake pedal at the right moments.

You are the best driving twin in town. You are a very nice person, with whom others can have a lot of fun. You mix serious talk with humour when you show off your storytelling skills.

If money is at stake, you are the most thrifty of Geminis. This withdrawn mode also occurs in love; so your partner will not know when you are worried if you are being insensitive or some other thought is in your head.

With your ascendant in Taurus, you’re a patient and steady twin.

He did not reply until after the chat was finished and somehow, he does not even know the time of day he was born so he was not much of a help. My first guess was Taurus, second Pisces. I am usually quite good at this game (I got 12 right in one go) but he was not one I would bet much one (OKAY I bet my whole white deck on but I am pretty sure about that 😂).

How did this come up?

I was asked what my rising sign was. I said Aries and everyone in the chat rolled their eyes. I was like, what?? “Of course it is”, they all said and laughed. Sagittarius with a rising Aries!

I was confused.

Then there was, “oh my god and she is a cusp of Scorpio too!”


“Water Fire Fire”

Now, I am thinking of Pokemon and this sounds like a good fight.

They are piecing together my personality based on my astrology. Which I only loosely pay attention to for work. Rising signs have hardly been on my radar.

The person who has Aries rising is quick and direct. These people are extremely competitive and have an intense desire to win. They have little patience for people who are slow and deliberate. Aries rising individuals also have a quick temper, however, he or she rarely holds a grudge.

Well, that is interesting but not useful since:

Astrologers believe that Taurus rising individuals are usually reserved, matter-of-fact, slow to act, resourceful, serene, creative, and self-indulgent. They are also usually sturdy, big-boned or curvy, healthy, and robust.