Wed. May 18th, 2022

today’s valentine is Echo, M’s meow.
I will not get into the details because that would be uneven. Just know that she is the object of my affection today.

Anyway, I had a bummer of a Pokemon experience yesterday – I went to catch a Snorlax and it was so cold that my hands froze as soon as I took off my mitten. I had to go indoors immediately. -20 with a windchill of -26, girl. Nah, fuck winter. You took my ability to catch a Snorlax in the wild.

I started writing a short story about my novel. I have no idea what happened but it was writing itself before I had any idea what was going on. The flow was so easy.

I was singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider with Bowie and he changed the lyrics to put the spider in space. It was fucking weird but he had me laughing so hard I could not breathe.

My life is bonkers.

(featured image taken by gingerqueergenderbear)