Wed. May 18th, 2022

We are here again and maybe this year I will not delete everything I post (no guarantees).

No matter how they toss the dice, it had to be

I am deciding how to work the next days… I gave Isobel a Harry Potter face mask for gift one. Day Two will be custard tarts for darling Guin. Day Three? I have a surprise for someone that I do not want them to know it was me. Same for days four and five. Why? Gift-giving is tricky. The point of several days of Valentine’s Day was always to make people feel loved without it being too much or needing the romantic element. That is why I did things for the neighbourhood (the conversation hearts threaded on the trees, handing out fliers to let people know how amazing they were, et cetera). It has nothing to do with the commercialised version of red roses, chocolates and the gimmie gimmies (which I tend to feel ambivalent* about).

I know the messages I am going to get when the playlist I made goes live in a few days. Go ahead, get it out of your system now. Call me sentimental. And I can show you how quickly I can stick a fork in your eyeball.

By saying these things, you assume I am not in it for the long haul. That I am flighty or serious. You are the one that is judging me because I am idealistic.

Pffffft —

Imagine how the world could be, so very fine

*when I have been in relationships, this does not bother me so much. Since I have been single, however, I have found the gestures around this “holiday” to be a bit tedious. If I am seeing someone around this day, yes, I would expect to see them… I mean, I am still an American and I still got that programming. But the materialistic part? I do not see the point. I do what I do because it is fun. Why do anything if you are not enjoying yourself? Grocery story roses are not fun, guys. If you want to celebrate the day with me, let us get a pizza and watch Star Trek on the sofa & drink some wine. The point is not to spend money on me, it is to spend time with me. If you want to buy me something, buy me a plant.